We put our focus on the efficient production of our customers

Manufacturing technology faces various challenges.
New constructions, new materials and higher quality standards change the demands on modern manufacturing technologies. Product variety grows while lot batches get smaller.
But due to globalised markets and shorter product runtimes, the pressure on costs and production flexibility increases as well

We think, that these circumstances are offering new opportunities to all of us

System integration

Because of our know-how and experience covering cutting, measurement and automation techniques, we are able to develop and realize individual and technically challenging solutions in close collaboration with our customers. Therefore WEMCO is not only a supplier but also a system integrator. We work out manufacturing concepts based on thorough analysis of requirements and customer-specific conditions.

Automation with sense of proportion

An extensive consulting concerning automation concepts is also part of this.
The technology of yesterday could be already obsolete today.
But not everything, appearing like the most advanced technology, is the best solution for your manufacturing solution.
We do not only automize machines of our suppliers, but also machines and manufacturing facilities of alien manufacturers.

Our performances

  • Interdisciplinary process development
  • Automation and interlinking of production process
  • Delivery of complete and custom designed manufacturing systems
  • We are your one-stop source
  • Extensive consulting and after-sale-service

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